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Fertility and Obstetrics

Department of Fertility and Obstetrics

Vitro fertilization is flawlessly carried out by the doctors here. A new hope of infertility can be turned into reality at the Goswami Hospital and Fertility center. The set of test tube center has been the façade of the hospital. The hospital manages complicated problems related to infertility and also the congenital malformations of the female reproductive tract and other conceiving problems of the women. The treatment of the problems which did not to be transformed to the offspring is also taken care at the hospital. The normal deliveries, caesarian deliveries are done by the doctors who have a promising experience in the field. The hospital also takes care of Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) as it is used to treat the fertility and genetic problems and assist the conception of the child. The IVF is the most propitious technology in the world of reproduction. The Department of Fertility and Obstetrics of the hospital is known worldwide due to its promising infusion of technology and doctors.